Innovations for dust and air filtration

Filter elements made by R + B Filter : efficient and durable

We develop and produce high quality filter elements for air filtration and dedusting technology. Our decades of experience are reflected in our products: From the design to the filter medium to their processing, pleated dust filter elements made by R + B Filter are characterized by their excellent quality. They ensure a reliable filtration of air and dust and enable economical production.


Filter cartridges

Our programme includes filter cartridges in many common sizes and mounting systems as well as special designs. Their design is tailored to the application.


Filter panels

We offer a very wide range of pleated filter panels in a robust construction for high mechanical loads.


Filter cassettes

You will find cleanable filter cassettes with frames made of metal or synthetics in a variety of sizes and filter media.


We develop your individual solution

Based on an analysis of your application, we develop tailor-made filtration solutions in which the size, design, filter medium and pleat geometry are perfectly adjusted to your requirements.

For clean air

Solutions from R + B Filter Thanks to the highest product quality, they ensure efficient dedusting worldwide and thus contribute to a healthier working environment, a cleaner environment and a longer service life of systems in industrial production.


To keep the air we breathe clean in production halls, dusts, fumes and aerosols such as welding fumes or chemical substances are extracted at the workplace.

Environment protection
Environment protection

Dust filter systems ensure that harmful dusts do not get into the environment and that legal limit values ​​are observed.

Product recovery
Product recovery

Raw materials such as gold or active pharmaceutical ingredients are fed back into the production cycle and can thus be reused.

Protection of assets
Protection of assets

Dedusting systems protect machines and production systems from damage caused by pollution.

We set standards

Made in Germany

Founded in 1982

120 employees

Developed and produced for more than 35 years R + B Filter Solutions for dedusting industrial environments. Tailor-made complete solutions guarantee the optimal function of your filter system. What are we particularly proud of? Our pleated filter elements, which combine economy with maximum air purity - for clean air in all industries.


Career at R + B Filter

As an innovative manufacturer of filter elements for air and dedusting technology, which are used all over the world, we are always looking for new employees for our company.


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Worldwide network

R + B Filter has a worldwide network in numerous countries. In addition, the filtration specialist is with the subsidiary R + B Filter Manufacturing Ltd. in Vadodara near Mumbai in India, ideally positioned to meet the needs of the dynamic Asian markets.

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