Dust filter panels

For high dust concentrations

Installation from the raw gas or clean gas side

Suitable for all ATEX zones

Filter medium and geometry adapted to the application

Certified filter media

Special designs possible


Filter elements for special conditions of use

Filter elements for Food & Pharmaceuticals

Filter elements for Hot Gas Filtration

Filterpatronen für die Filtration von Heißgas

Hot gas filtration

These filter cartridges can be used up to a maximum operating temperature of 450 ° C.


Filter elements for the filtration of Oil and Emulsion mist as well as Aerosols

Filterpatronen, Filterkasseten und Filterplatten für die Filtration von Öl- und Emulsionsnebel sowie Aerosolen

Oil & Emulsion mist

This filter medium was specially developed for the separation of liquid particles.


Filter media: adjusted to your application

The filter medium is important for the function of the dust extraction system. Therefore we adapt the filter material to the properties of the dust. Our filter media are certified according to DIN EN 60335-2-69 or DIN EN 1822.

We offer you a wide range of different media with the following equipment:


Moisture repellent

thanks to impregnation or oil and water-resistant fibers

Types for ATEX

through conductive coatings or conductive fibers

Surface coatings

Microporous coating, PTFE membrane, nanofibres

Temperature resistance

For operating temperatures
up to 450 °C

Special request?

We implement your requirements!

Are you looking for a solution for a new area of ​​application in dedusting or do you have unusual operating conditions? Our technicians and engineers are happy to develop your individual solution!

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